A girl at Sea

November 4, 2008
A sun kissed shadow passes up there

I wonder, how odd, a girl with green hair

A sea crystal mirror shows who I am

A girl, a sister, the sister of Sam

So different, so strange, this girl wears my face

The same, the same, the locket of lace

My skin has a bluish tint

My eyes, so gray, casting a hint

A boat above, someone looking in

This someone is spying, surly a sin

Who is this someone, this someone looking in?

Who is it, who is it, this boy looking in?

A little closer he gazes down at her

A girl who’s waiting, a child called mer

A wave, much higher than should be

That boy, he slipped, he fell into me

I open my mouth and sing my sweet song

Declaring, the sea can do no wrong

A cloud of bubbles cast about us two

When that boy, slipped from the ship into blue

Awed and in wonder, he somehow found me

I took his hand and swam with fast urgency

All because of the emergency

He laid out across the sand

His expression grateful for the land

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