Freedom in the form of Wings

November 4, 2008
By Victoria Jones, Harrison, TN

I fly above a city of light
High and low I fly through the night
Fast and great my bird wings flow
Following the light of the sky I go
I fly wherever the wind carries me
Smiling and laughing, my wings set me free
Riding the swift current high up in the air
The wind feels good flowing through my hair
My heart beats wild in excited thunder
As I soar and fly in wonder
Down below the people walk
Their hearts not free but a cold lock
But I live my life with an open mind
And so it was with the first of my kind
So happy I feel my heart will burst
For the land and sea I have no thirst
Swift and precise, I feel like a hawk
I see the people, I see their shock
“How strange, how odd, a girl with bird wings.”
“How weird, how different, this girl when she sings.”
“How beautiful, how graceful, this girl from above.”
“How swift, how pure, this girl like a dove.”

The author's comments:
I constantly dream about flying. Let me tell you, it is the most amazing feeling in the world! I've already written several just on that one subject. This is one of many.

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