Midnight Madness

November 4, 2008
By Alisha VandenEykel, Akeley, MN

In the silence of my mind all I can think about is the time
The time when you and I were never apart
A time when you and only you had my heart
All this thinking is making me weary; my eyes are red and also teary
You said I was beautiful, you said I was smart
If I only I knew you lied right from the start

While I wonder I shall ponder
About every lie you told me
About every lie I couldn’t see
You make me frustrated and mad, you make me sick but also sad
You wrote our names upon that tree
You said I was yours and I couldn’t be free

I tried to escape from that unwanted hell. He heard me scream, he heard me yell
He came to save me from you
He tried to take me and make me new
But you caught and tortured him, tearing him limb by limb
Now I am chained, looking at this treacherous view
The one I dreamt of was murdered by you

Why can’t you leave me alone, why can’t I just go home?
Why do you have to continue to lie?
Why can’t you just be a decent guy
You make me scream, it must be a dream
How could you ever make me cry?
You said you wouldn’t but I guess you lied

I am locked in this chamber, I am in danger
I am loosing my mind
I fear I might die
He is getting closer, he sounds like a dozer
He is standing over me, looking me in the eye
Asking me if I would like to die

I tell him no, I want to go
He has a knife
I am scared for my life
He holds it to my throat, I begin to stutter and choke
He says he is the reaper and this is his scythe
He said he is sorry but my life isn’t right

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