Chaos's Angel

November 3, 2008
By beautifuldisaster SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
beautifuldisaster SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
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My concern is for my heart
For it is breaking
Stars crash and burn
Thrown from the sky

A fallen angel
Heart, soul, and body

A dying fire
Losing myself to Chaos
For that is his name

He owns me
He breaks me
Using me for his bidding
I let him pretend he cares

Black tears fall from my eyes
Wings pure white
Turn the blackest shade of ink

I fly now
A demon of night
With a heart of stone
To do my lover's bidding

Bow to his commands
Love him inside and out
Reach for his heart and soul
So guarded, so cold

Hurt beyond mending
No need for love
He lives in his hate
Leaves his angel in tears

I cry for him
I plead with him
Love me
That's all I need

So guarded, so cold
Lonely, alone
Chaos loves none
Toys with his angel

My feelings are nothing
He cares not for me
But yet I still love him
How can this be

So I cry my black tears for him
I stay by his side
My heart slowly freezes
As I wait for his love

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