Camping Out - An English Project

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Camping Out – An English Project

Sitting in English class.
Listening to instructions.
Could it be true –
a camp out and reflection page
instead of a paper due?

My mind is racing.
Monday night – will mom go for it?
World Series Game 5 with 5 friends and a camp out –
she has to go for it!

Talk with friends.
Can’t reach Mom.
It’s getting late!

Cell phone rings.
“Hi Mom.”
She has questions.
I have answers.
She says “Yes.”

We head to the stores.
A tent, supplies and food are on the list.
Must hurry or friends I will miss.

Home at last!
We put together the tent,
Not such a hard a task.

Gray sky;
It is going to rain!
Will we be warm?
Should we wait for another night?
6 teenagers determined to rough it out.
That’s what I’m talking about!

Inside we go.
Dinner, World Series suspended due to the weather!
Outside we go.
Cold, rain and wind…
our conditions are not the best.
Our fortitude we decide to test!

The weather is no longer a bother.
The cold, rain and wind replaced
with lots of laughter and some hunger.
We have each other.


Little brothers come to the tent.
They think we are cool.
They knock on the tent.
“Time to get up. You’re late for school.”

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