I won't let the soap slip away not if your my pj's

November 2, 2008
here you come
its a new day
theres a lot of things i could say

here you are
here i am
i hope your listening
im ready to speak now

move lips move!!!
say something!!!anything!!!
come on make a friendly conversation!!
if all else fails theres always the weather!!!

dont let him go
slip away
like soap did in the bath tub five years ago

when your mother was telling you it was time for bed but you said just let me rinse the soap off
the excess soap you had put on while your mom wasnt looking
eventually you would step out
and snuggle in your warm dry pajamas

your my pj's
the soaps my inability to form words while i look at you
i want to grab that bar of soap

because i want those warm cuddley pajamas to badly to let the soap slip
and have to wait longer for you

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