November 1, 2008
By Kali Cavanagh, Albany, NY

its four a.m i hit the the door hands on the wheel and feet on the floor turn the key and crank the music driving to an unknown destination looking through my frosted windows i wonder what happened to those nights in chicago those kisses in newyork those hugs in california and those walks on the beach in cape cod
baby come back
stop at a getty to get gas
headlights start starring me down like its someone i once knew and of coarse on this lonely night it turned out to be you my heart grew cold and my hands grew stiff i thought it was over we had ended this
with wet tears dripping down my face i back out of the parking lot and hold on to my steering wheel wouldnt take away whats left of me
theres scar tissue that you cant see
its sitting there eating at me
baby come back
you're all i need

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