The Warning

October 31, 2008
This is a warning
To all who dare
Drink while driving
This I shall swear
The school year ended
Joy abound
Shouts and hollers
Screams all around
One young man drove home
The end of his senior year
But one thing was a problem
His addiction to beer
His parents don’t allow it
He drinks at parties with his friends
All summer long
The parties will never end
He doesn’t think much of it
He says "Its only beer"
"I promise I’ll stop
At college next year"
But he knows this isn’t true
He knows he’ll never stop
No matter what
Even threats from cops
So he's driving home from the latest party
His best friend is passed out
He yells "Arty!"
"Wake up, you’re home
Get in bed"
"Hey, watch it,
You’re gonna bust your head!"
Then he’s driving home
More drunk then ever
It’s late at night
Frosty weather
Not many cars around
Just one or two
Everything was calm
Then… "Ahh shoo…"
His car swerved
Crashing into another car
Then his fell down the cliff
All too far
His death brought sadness to family and friends
That day
The parties did end
For those who drink and drive
This is a warning
The death and sadness
All the mourning
The thing isn’t that
I was a fool
But the question is
What about you…

The End

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