October 30, 2008
Just a little boy with big time dreams
Always so happy it seems
Plays in the yard and runs from girls
He looks so innocent with his golden blonde curls
Talks about how he wants to grow up so fast
He doesn’t know these precious years won’t last

Now he cares what people think
Has to wear cool clothes, go out and drink
Wasting the best years of his life
Walks around scared and carries a knife
His friends think he’s cool, that’s all that matters
Until one day his life blows up, shatters

This is nothing like home, not even close
It’s reality, a very large dose
He shouldn’t have done it, but he did
Swears he didn’t mean to kill that kid
Twenty years of his life gone and wasted
Freedom is sweet but pain is all he tasted

Just an old man sitting in his chair
Thinking how life could be so unfair
He knows he is dying, the pain he feels
His past in his head, playing like a reel
Talks about how life went by so fast
He wishes he cherished those precious years,
That just didn’t seem to last.

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