Step Inside a Pumpkin!

October 29, 2008
To step inside a pumpkin,
I’d have to be mighty mighty brave,
Like venturing into an unknown cave.
Fighting through,
All the icky goo,
Curious what said “Boo!”
Slipping on the seeds,
Looking for my wants and needs.
Ducking to barely miss its guts,
Searching for any edible nuts.
Walking in the pitch black,
Trying to find a snack,
Not knowing what’s on my back.
Out of nowhere the pumpkin rolled,
I felt like I was being bowled,
Reaching for anything that I Can hold.
Checking for ways out,
Wondering what the pumpkins all about?
Until finally it’s time to lay down,
I went and got my night down.
Wiggling into a spot not to steep,
To rest my head for some sleep.

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