Test#1: To Be Admitted

January 4, 2014
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Name: Only revealed if I get in

1. How many letters in the alphabet?(26)
I thought they were called characters, because that’s what they call them online.

2. How many vowels are in the alphabet?(5)
The amount it takes up to make a word.

3. Define Literature ( needless to say in your own words):

Literature is putting words down on paper and using your brain to turn them into something useful.

4. How many weeks are there in a year. (52)

I think you mean hours?

5. How many seas are there globally? (7 basic seas but there are subtypes)

I’m sorry maam, but I don’t know how to speak all the languages around the world. I quote “It is not a requirement for the student to know a different language.” All I know is that English has one c.

6. How many feet equal a yard? (3 ft)

Um... My feet don’t plan on growing that much. Also, if we think logically, no one has a feet equal to a yard.

7. How many degrees does a circle add up to? (360 degrees)

A circle doesn’t add up to anything. The only value in a circle is pi, which is purely irrational.

8. Define an adjacent angle.

An angle that is adjacent to another(duh). The angles look like the opening of a pages of a book before it is laid down.

9. Why did you voluntarily sign up for this test?

To pass it, and to maintain my yearbook picture for class clown.

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