She's Like A Drug

October 28, 2008
By Chris Fallin, Elm Grove, LA

My girl of choice, she's like a drug

Upon my heartstrings a careless tug

She keeps me high and drags me low

A heroine needle from Cupid's bow

Cocaine upon these precious lips

An acid trip, how you sway your hips

LSD or PCP has not a chance against the things I see

Your kiss is always my ultimate high

A breath of weed is your sleepy sigh

My girl of choice, she's my ultimate drug

The embrace of X comes in every hug

The room slows down and I'm speeding forth

Our bodies pressed together, it's like speed in the warmth

I'm on Cloud 9 when we're together

You're the high that lasts forever

And if you look close, if you can see

My ultimate drug will be the death from me

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