The Facade

October 28, 2008
By Nathan Bates, Wake Forest, NC

My toothless smile
My empty laughs
Being happy
Though I am sad
I roam
Roam my life
Maybe yours
Ever seeking
To bring teeth
A real laugh
A reason to be happy

Can’t be found
Out of reach…
Does not exist
I jump,
Touching; feeling the cusp
The rim of joy
Still too far
I cry,
Whilst falling madly to the floor
Landing in carrion
Crying for life
Whilst smiling…
My toothless smile,
Whilst laughing…
My empty laughs
Being happy…
Though I am not.

Spirit destroyed
I carry-on
Delving for a place
Where joy is not lost
Where the putrid hands---
of despair cannot reach.

My smile, forsaken,
My laugh, forgotten,
Happiness, never known.

Gilded are these…
The lies I tell.

The untruths I live
Smiles that I flash
Laughs that I fake
Whilst I am sad…
I should not appear happy.

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