I Am Me

October 28, 2008
I come from rainy days in the creek,
Because moms know just how to cure
The rainy day blues.
From moss covered forts to
Leaf filled stew. From crawdads
To fireflies.

I come from pushup hugs from
My dad at night, and Eskimo
Kisses from my mom in the
Morning. Because I was her sunshine,
Her only sunshine and I made her
Happy when skies were grey.

I come from long blazing summer
Days, and fire hot nights. The
Place where I roasted my first
Marshmallow, caught my first
Fish, and stood up for the first
Time on skis.

I come from Janis Joplin and
Jim Morrison. From baseball
Games and big red slushies.
From skating parties and
Spaghetti straps.

I come from a line of drunks,
From a grandpa who
Would do anything for the ones
He loves. And a grandma
Who would do anything for him.

I come from many different places
But yet I am not sure who I am today.
I am me and everyday I strive to become
More and more like Christ
My home is not on this place
We call earth, but is found with
My eternal father in heaven.

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