October 27, 2008
I've tried so hard to make it seem like I don't need you,
But I've gone too far and now you don't see that I love you
Never before have I regretted what I haven't shown
Yet I find myself packing to leave everything I've ever known
With high hopes you will spread your wings and fly
As the dark and lonely night draws nigh
I hope you will find a love that is truer to you than gravity
Even though every night I will wish that you were holding me
Then I will remember the last things I said to you
Hurtful words that have never in my heart been true
And I will realize that you are etter off without my love
And no matter how many times I appologize it will never be enough
To make up for the things I've done and said
I'm just left to lie in my remourseful bed
Until heaven's hills at last I roam
To make for myself a brand new home
Empty of all the spite and hate
I've felt for myself all those lonely days
Wishing and hoping that you would see
That you were always really in love with me
But it was always just a far off dream
For things really were exactly as they seemed
Just an out of control spiraling vortex
Of lost hopes, dreams, and regrets

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