Through the Maze

October 27, 2008
By Michael Feldmann, Fairfield, OH

I stand alone amongst the golden stalks
Each one at least seven feet tall
All grown right together
In this way forming a wall

These walls grow all around
Planted to make a giant maze
So confused as where to go
My mind goes into a craze

No direction, no hope
What turn to take now?
I’ve got to make it to the end
I just need to figure out how

I call out for help
Someone has found the way
But trying to follow their voice
Could end up taking all day

I decide to follow their footsteps
To this, no avail
For they too had gotten lost
And met a dead end trail

The direction they chose to go
Clearly not mine to take
I have to go my own way
I’ve got my own path to make

The more I walked about
The more dead ends I discover
But from this I learned what way is mine
And the exit began to uncover

Many I can hear calling out
Asking me which way to go
I’ve learned my way is not yours I call
Only in trying will you know

Finally I have reached the end
It’s the end of this journey’s fun
I see The One who has waited there for me
Great Job My Child, Well Done…

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