The Heart of it All

October 27, 2008
The peaceful sound of the water rushing past me,
I can feel your presence all around me with each moment frozen in time.
Your arms wrap around me as the stream flows in front of me.

Your soft touch takes my breath away like the river is whisping away
By the current, like the when I’m carried away by our own world.

And even the water sometimes follows a path of tough currents and jagged rocks but always like you and me can get through anything. It keeps on flowing and never stops like the love I have for you it will never go away like the river and the water, it will always be there.

My eyes fall faster and harder for you as I watch the water being taken by the current, the wind blows lightly and I get chills all over and hug up next to your side.
As the water has the trees to slow down the chilling wind.

And like the water has the stream forever, I will have you always and forever.

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