October 26, 2008
By George Bivens, Davidsville, PA

A clock can do nothing, but keep track
Of the thing I always lack.
Try to freeze or pause or hold the day.
You’ll just waste your time away.
Time is a fortune without a price.
More of it sure would be nice.
If you lose your time, then be concerned,
Once it’s gone there’s no return.
No matter power, or riches owned,
Time’s one thing that can’t be loaned.
The present’s a gift that just cannot
Be returned; it can’t be bought.
It isn’t a gift that you can give.
Treasure time in how you live.
Time can’t be measured by months or days,
Measure it in other ways.
Like moments from which you’d never part,
Memories held in your heart.
Time’s an emotion that you should feel.
Not just a clock, something real.

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