Take Me Away

October 25, 2008
By Bailey Luna, Nampa, ID

I don't know why I'm here.
I need help.
Please help me.
Get me out of this world
Get me out of my life, my body.

I wanna go where the sunshines.
Where the birds chrip happily
Where there's no fights between familes
But only small misunderstandings.

I wanna go where everyone is equal.
Where everyones' side of the story counts
Where parents don't threaten their children
I wanna go where no one sheds a tear.

Please help me.
Please I'm Begging
Here down on my knees I look up to you.
I look up to you to take me away from this world.
And say:

"I do not belong here with them.
All they know and think with is violence and anger.
Not of kindness and forgiveness.
Its not a day without a fight in their eyes.
And you know this
You know this."

But on my knees I know you never answer.
You never give me strenght when I need it.
And you know I can't find it in my heart to call them my parents but still you don't answer.
But I still say:

"Please take me away.
Take me away from this world.
The world where violence rules, love ones fight, and children cry.

Take me away
Please Please!
Please jsut take me away.

Take me away from them.
They know noting of nonviolence but only of hate.

Please Please!
Please just take me away!

Please help me!
Please Please!"

I'm begging on my knees onto you to take me away.
To take me away for good.

But I know you will never listen.
Here is where I'll stay until you can send me away.

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