What is Love?

October 25, 2008
What is love?

One day I want to find myself,
search all night in the darkest forest,
without a hope and soon to give up,
but at last, I see a faint light glowing of hope

One day I want to know myself,
read me like a novel,
diving deeper and deeper into the story,
the story of my life

One day I want to ask myself,
Who am I?
What was it like to grow up?
How does it feel like to love?

One day I want to search myself,
to discover my identity,
like a rare and beautiful pearl,
discovered in the greatest depths of the sea

One day I want to show myself,
explode like a volcano,
spewing out a hundred diamonds,
glimmering and sparkling in the sunlight

One day I want to be myself,
like a child on the first day of kindergarten,
because they know,
they know only to be themselves and nothing else

One day I want to love myself,
to look at my past and love it with no regrets,
to look in a mirror and tell me I love me,
to look at my life and love the person that I have become.

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