October 28, 2008
By Staci Bechard, Newark, DE

The fear of expelling my insecurities,
Lingers on the corners of my lips
Breaching denouncement with every word spoken

Trying to sustain from truth-all that has been denied
These two hands we interlock,
Like strands of emotions intertwined

You attempt a short expression,
But quiet when I blink a remark
It’s not a matter of what will be said,
But a matter of everything to follow

Will things turn sour-
When the words become meaningless
That is hopes biggest fear

With a quick draw of air I dismiss hope
And acknowledge what has been long shorn of
A simple kiss assures me my words are safe

Giving your heart away seemed insignificant these days,
With teenagers spilling tales of forever like beer bottles
Between us everything was real,
Not for just a moment or a summers spin
And you held me as I became fearless
And committed to life’s best journey’s-
That I had so long not believed in

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