My Computer

October 25, 2008
By Brianna McGruder, Salt Lake City, UT

As I sit in front of my computer, I can’t help but wish it were a living, breathing person. As it is I already spend hours with it and I’ve grown fond of it. I suppose I find myself yearning for an outlet. For friends of mine, I provide an outlet to their every day trials and tribulations. They share with me their dilemas and wether or not I’m able to respond with a helpful piece of advice, I'm able to give them clarity. Its as though they themselves are machines, over loaded with to many requests from the outside world. But, who will relieve me of my building compression? While conversing with certain people I find it leaves me rejuvenated and empties my mind of the garbage that collects. Often however, the end result does little to remedy my glitches. If anything the experience leaves me feeling more splintered than I was originally. When I attempt to construct new relationships or share communication with one who I thought to be “good friend,” the typical result is dissatisfaction on my part or I again become the reliever, not the “reilevee.” Perhaps thats the reason I wish my computer were a human being. I like to imagine that we would be good friends. I would unload the troubles of my world while we walk alongside each other. Of coarse I too would listen to his/her problems with what ever he/she is perturbed by. At times it would be as though we were the only two people in the world. Simply the idea of such a person to me seems unimaginable but, incredibly desired.

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