Purposes I have

October 24, 2008
'Going through this life, looking for angels, people passing by looking for angels.'
~ Looking For Angels, Skillet, from album Comatose
My purpose is that of a dolls; Sit, entertain, and take up space. It's probably true, the fact that you don't know if you'll die tomorrow, or just have another day of hate, anger, rebellion, and trying to be noticed. If you looked at me during the day, you'll see that I'm doing my best to avoid having any emotions, and trying to be like an empty shell. Well, somewhere deep inside there, is a blockade, preventing any emotions from passing by. But, after I start writing, all my emotions flow out of me whether it's through my fingers, or through my pencil, I lose all feelings, and become my writing. Which is why I hate to have any imperfections in my writing, and if something happens to it, or someone destroys it, that writing loses it's emotions, and comes back to me in a wave, where they can't be put behind the blockade.

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