Where I Am From

October 23, 2008
By Steven McClain, Johnstown, PA

“Where I Am From.”
I am from love.
From family and a warm home.
I am from my mom’s heart
And my dad’s brains.
I am from my brother’s courage
And my sister’s strength.

I am from nature.
From rolling hills and thick forests.
I am from timid deer
And playful rabbits.
I am from singing birds
And the rush of the creek.

I am from home cooked meals.
From a wonderful aroma and a savory taste.
I am from forks on the left.
And spoons and knives on the right.
I am from folded napkins
And ceramic plates.

I am from childhood memories.
From laughter and anger.
I am from good times
And bad times.
But most important of all,
I am from love.

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