Can't Believe

October 22, 2008
By Lindsey Goodman, Bellevue, MI

im just me
isnt that what you wanted
for me to just be
what i am when you're not around

when you're not here
i'll laugh till im
rolling on the ground
till i can't breathe

no one can tell
when im with friends
that im under a spell
because im in love with you

how do i get away
i see you
just about everyday
how can i avoid it

i act like im fine
when you're around even though
i miss when you were mine
i try to keep my feelings from you

i try to hide my heartbreak
even though
i can't take
that you're really gone

as i sit here and think
about my past and
how i feel i write it out in ink
i can't believe im still in love

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