October 21, 2008
I’ll speed up your heart endlessly
As you construct all of my pieces in a line
No longer what you want,
Just what you think you need
Don’t give me that look
Don’t expect me to feel bad
I never intended on helping you
You knew what you were doing
You didn’t listen to the books

Feel my powder climb up your nostrils
I tried to make it burn
I’ll continue to scream your name
Unable to wait your turn if only for a little
You came running back for more
So you bargain your soul with the devil
And get a little buzz for today

Walk around like your not phased
You’ve got everyone convinced
But I heard you up late crying for an escape
You said something about some drug taking you away
It’s sad to see a pretty girl like you
Ruined by an ugly substance like me

In the morning,
A family found a girl on the floor
With a note in her hand
And it read loud and clear
“Somebody could have warned me
Somebody should have seen the dark storm heading my way
I met the guy who promised me the world
And didn’t deliver”

I don’t know where you are
I guess you were sent away
Because you haven’t been around to play
It doesn’t bother me though
There are other places to lie
Other bodies to take
You’re not all I’m made of
I promise the world to all the girls
But I’ve never once delivered.

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