October 20, 2008
By Anonymous

As I see a red rose it reminds me of all my love for you, and ahow you took my breath away and made the butterflies in my stomach flutter.

When I see a black rose it reminds me of all the pain and despair you caused me, along with hatred from so called friends.

When a white rose comes into my view it reminds me of all those who love me as I am, people who don't hate me for being myself.

But I know whenever each rose wilts I am reminded of how much I truly love you. How even if i try to forget everything about you i can't until i die.

When I see you happy and so full of joy i want to cry in sadness for how I lost you, and in happienessfor how happy you are even though it hurts me alot.

But in the end a rose is just a beautiful flower that will lose it's beauty eventually' at times i found out love can be like that too.

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