Hospital Horrors

October 21, 2008
By Kati Betrovski, Charlton, MA

Panicked doctors, dying patients and occupied stretchers fly past me in a constant flow
Men with torn off limbs and babies with burned faces scream for the doctors’ attention
Punctured pouches of blood explode and hypochondriacs get in the way
I close my eyes and try to hide, like a soldier from a bomb

Heartbreaking cries of tortured bodies echo off the walls
Nurses yell to make them back away, but they only step closer
An old lady speaks to her dead husband as she fades into his world
I can’t believe some think silence is the scariest thing

Overpowering feelings of terror and pain paralyze me to where I stand
Guilt sets in, could I have done something to save at least one?
Feeling out of place I step out the door
The waiting room doesn’t look so bad anymore

The author's comments:
Creative Writing assignment. First paragraph is what you see. Second is what you hear. Third is how you feel.

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