October 17, 2008
Its moments when the world stands still.
Like nothing else,but to be strong.
But what is strong to a regular human?
Or why am i here,to do what?

Its moments when I fell so free!
And no one is in my way.Strong
is to have power within!
Like a surge from heaven,small and thin.

Is it nobler to know or wonder?
To teach or or to show?
I ask you my fellow pupils!
Why torture and tease?

Why do we call names,or make Fun?
Why bully when you can have friends?
Moments when you know you can do better.
But one wrong move and its checkmate.

Moments when the sun will shine.
Like a spotlight turning bright.
will I fly for all the wrong times?
Or burn in the abyss to pay for my crimes.

Whatever my fate may be.
My life now is good and free.
So take the time now.
To have a moment just like me!

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