October 13, 2008
Ignore the stale pretense behind this wicked world
Don’t trust in anything you can destroy physically
Instead, invest in that which is unable to be touched by the hand
People and feelings Humans and emotions are Timeless
Time is only natural to the extent of day and night
Everything else was conceived by insecure mortals
Conceived right down to the last 100 billion years, or first second
The mind loves to throw numbers and stats to drive away its conflicts
The spirit often is thought not to exist, but it does, because not everything is explained yet

Sex and money are what most are chasing
Some like fame and power
I tried the first, but found it defacing
It turned all females sour
Money found no place in my spirit
Because it was physical
Mostly I only need it
To survive and please my girl
Other than the worldly need
To exchange paper for things
Currency is lost on me
Why it pulls so many strings
Fame has two sharp edges
You will receive attention
That in itself is dangerous
With so much recognition
People will give you so much
Turn on you and take
Anything they can feel and touch
Leaving what they can’t to break
Power is another necessity
For the world to function
Souls reduced servants of the city
No wonder there’s dysfunction

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