Welcome To My Brain

October 12, 2008
By Emma Rathke, Olympia, WA

Welcome to my brain would you like to take a tour?
We’ll start with the old and move onto things much newer
There was a broken arm at the age of three
This really sucked because it happened on Christmas eve
Then mommy and daddy broke up and this sucked too
But mommy met a nice man with two sons and later they went to vegas and both said I do
Then daddy got together with a girls mom from ballet
They fell in love and got married on Bud Bay
Me Nick and Andrew moved with mommy and ken to a house with quite a lot of room
Later Me and Zoe moved with daddy and becky to an awesome house with a flat top roof
Then Nick went to college and Zoe and I started eighth grade
And next year Andrew will be a senior unless he flunks then he’ll have to stay
And here we have the gift shop filled with toys and books my favorite is Winnie the pooh
But I also like more mature books too
We have beanie babys and knee high socks
We have converse, skinny jeans and revealing tops
And here we have the corner of my brain that is random
It’s the part of my brain that wrote most of this poem that now is done

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