Do you remember?

October 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you remember when life used to be simple
wild and free, flying along side the wind?
When did it change,
did it change at all?

Do you remember playing by the fountain dear child?
It’s water so blue, brilliant, and forever clear.
Little copper pennies that decorate the basin.
Toss one in for each day you walk by.

When in forever did that gray moss appear?
The water stop running?
The pennies- gone?

Do you remember listening to the music?
The sound of your night time song, small youth.
The one that your mommy would sing to you.
Seconds before your eyes would shut peacefully.

Can you even recall that tune any more?
Do you still sing it softly right before sleep?
Or is it lost somewhere, somewhere inside?
A deep chamber, locked in your mind?

Do you remember the tears little one?
The tears that brought footsteps, questions, smiles and hugs.
May I ask you one thing, my sweet cherub?

What do those tears bring now?

Be amazed at the simple experience of life;
be vigilant, careful and sure of your steps.
For one day you just might look out at the world
and not remember.

The author's comments:
Do you remember is written for older audiences. If you don't understand the poem, it is basically a metaphore of growing old and not trully appreciating the little things we used to as a child.

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