October 17, 2008
By marie fanning, Philadelphia, PA

My days are long,but lack simple meaning
the mind at lost,needing information
souls needing the grace of god
sins being recreated by
renicarnation repreave by jesus our savior from the heaven
dark lonely path we find trial and tribukation
because the color or our skin
reflect the new image of golden
memories of the bless it days
jesus walked among men
tears shade-many cries
millions of dollars spent but never a relife from crime
screams of many-disease killing plenty
childern living in proverty-no money or family
streets echo the dream of cash and nightmear of jails
people not knowing their historic past
ingorance of this lead to slauther of a race
that once believe in educating their youth
to bring about another bright day
speration of a clture
puts me on nealing knee
praying one day
that willie lynch control will be done
so we learn to love our skin.

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