A Final Good-bye

October 20, 2008
A child sat in bed one day, very sick and ill
His mother, father sat on his bed
hoping and praying still
A nurse came in with her ashen smock
And said the results were grim
The mother cried out and began to mourn
Whereas the father’s hope was dim
Misunderstanding the situation the child was puzzled
He innocently asked what the problem was.
But the adult’s answers were muzzled.
Who could tell the child what was at stake?
None would, for fear of his response.
But longed to say the hazard was fake.
The mother wiped her tears away
The nurse smiled sadly and told him it was fine.
Only the parents shared looks of understanding,
And knew his life was on the line.
The boy loved the attention and snuggled in their lap.
The nurse walked sadly out of the way
The mother held her son’s hand one last time.
The father smiled, but did not betray

his feelings that swept through him

The next night his soul departed, and wandered through the heavens.
His father and mother called him back, but he kept reaching higher
Soon he got to a golden gate which was open by angels in pairs of sevens.
God welcomed him gladly and took him in his arm
The boy smiled up from his warm embrace and said he couldn’t wait
God looked at the boy and gazed at him with mild alarm

And couldn’t believe this is what he wanted.

When the child saw God’s reaction he asked what was amiss
Taking a look down at the earth below God revealed the boys parents
He asked the boy, ‘What about your parents, What about a last kiss?”
The boy laughed in blissful surprise
God waited and the child said “ This is paradise!
There are happy songs and no goodbyes
Everyone has vigor to last forever
Clouds are joyous tints of any shade
stars and wisdom do not come hard whatsoever
Your glory and reign peacefully cascades
Soon my elders will pass on to here
I will welcome them with an open heart
In till then they wait on earth adhere.
I wish to speak with them but we shall stay apart.
God took the child on his knee and whispered in his ear
The boy looked up and a wide grin came on his face.
And the uneasiness dissolved and did disappear
The next morning the mother sat at the table
She had, had many dreadful of sleep
Then she saw a letter next to her but thought it had to be a fable
For the letter was from her beloved son she did keep.
She opened the letter and inside was written:
I am all well here in heaven
and it’s so wonderful I feel smitten!
I love it here though, and I feel much older than eleven

and angels of his serve me incredible food personally

God talks and walks with me through the clouds
Parades walk the golden street like an everyday jubilee.
I know you are worried about my end
but I’m happy and you should be too.
And you might to someday ascend.

I hope because you’re the best I ever knew
God let me write this personally so it be real
just have a good life and think about me

Just don’t let your feelings reel

Because I really true love thee
Your Son
It took a while for the reality to sink in
Then overcome with joy she started to cry
She sent a silent prayer up to heaven thanking them
Now she thought, she was ready to finally say goodbye.

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