Hoing with the Flow

October 19, 2008
By Travis Yon BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Travis Yon BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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Going With the Flow

Flowing constantly,

My course can change quite often,

I myself change often as well,

Because I am a river,

I see many places,

My path is sometimes chosen without choice,

I join with some others,

And part them too,

Because I am a river,

The calm, smooth times are most enjoyable,

Just cruising along,

I don’t have to worry about anything,

I love to relax and enjoy the peacefulness,

Because I am a river,

I am not always like that however,

Sometimes I am angry and raging

But when I’m done,

It’s nice and quiet again,

I am a cycle,

I am a river,

Sometimes you cannot see the bottom of me,

But other times you can,

Often times I am deeper than one may think,

Usually, I’m not very shallow,

Because I am a river,

I grow rapidly sometimes,

But I can shrink slightly, too,

Often times I’m strong,

But I can be weak again, too,

Because I am a river,

I enjoy the calm bends,

Sometimes I can be raging and rapid though,

I just long to let out my fury,

But you will find that I calm down in time,

Because I am a river,

There are things I do not like as well,

I dislike the rocks and boulders,

Challenges for me to overcome,

Although they are irksome at the time,

I end up growing stronger,

I always find a way over, through, or around them,

I am unstoppable,

There are many times when I come to large falls,

A time where I don’t know what’s in store for me,

They make me nervous and anxious,

I can’t see through the mist and fog of my near future,

Those times are most discomforting,

But once again I make it through,

Because I am a river,

Stopping me is quite difficult,

You may stop me temporarily,

But never permanently,

I am ever persistent,

Persevering always,

Because I am a river,

Through every obstacle,

I grow wiser,



It just makes my next challenges easier,

I will always continue too flow,

In my everlasting cycle of emotion,

Of challenge and of life,

Because I am a river.

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