?Te amo?

November 20, 2013
Beauty lays within you,
Beauty is who you are,
Beauty is your love and compassion,
Beauty is your star,
A gift from Heaven that came from God,
You're a breath of fresh air,
Just like an ocean breeze,
Like a sunflower blooming on a sunny day,
You're the one of my dreams,
Oh Romeo,
Your much such glory,
It's your world to the universe,
The best part of a happy ending story,
I know I can be belligerent,
But listen to my words please if you do,
"Te Quiero Mucho",
We can be like Royals where you got me and I got you,
Bombs from kisses,
Firecrackers from love,
I'm telling you now,
Baby you're the one.

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