angel of darkness

October 19, 2008
An angel of darkness,
Is watching over my life.
He see's what I see,
He feels what I hide.
This angel of darkness,
Has been protecting me for a while.
During the day,
He watches over me from the shadows,
During the night,
He controls the darkness,
And protects me from other creatures that hide with in it.
My angel of darkness has never cause me harm,
He guards my very being.
He and I have shared a familiar pain.
He protects me from being hurt,
While I protect him from falling down.
He fears becoming a fallen,
BEcause of his dark soul.
I promised him,
I wont let him fall,
That he will always stay the same.
I will never let him become a fallen angel.
HE will always be my angel of darkness.

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