I am Ready

October 18, 2008
I am ready to rip apart everything I know,
To toss aside the idea of proper decorum,
To dispose of orthodox conformity,
And make my own rules along the way.

I am ready to take the first step,
To walk out the doorway of comfort and step beyond,
To find what others will never dare to seek,
And inspire others to do the same.

I am ready to reach out,
To help someone I’ve never even met,
To aid in the rescue of something I’ll never see,
And know that I have made a difference.

I am ready to see change,
To watch the world shift before my eyes,
To play spectator to the impossible,
And trust that I have experienced a miracle.

I am ready to make my mark on the world,
To find love where there is only hate,
To aid in the preservation of what cannot be replaced,
And let my heart guide me.

I am ready to carve my way through this strange world,
To befriend those I’d avoid otherwise,
To chase an invisible phantom down this crooked road of life,
And choose the mountain that I will conquer.

I am ready for the heavens to bow before me,
For the earth to part at my feet,
To find myself on top of the world,
And not even know how I got there.

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