He Was...

October 17, 2008
He was something out of a dream
That sneaked into my room
Put a pillow to my face...
Oh, how lovely it is not to breathe.

He was made to fit through my arm
Like the silver watch, or the love charm.
He was what made me wonder: "what do I do?"
Was he the truth, or was he just a clue?

If I could reign and choose
I'd look at him and say "It's me and you."
There's but a passion made to abuse,
And no circumstance to our excuse.

He always came when I told him to come.
He was what made me up when I became undone.
He never spoke, until he knew where I was coming from.
He had many words to use, none to make me feel dumb.

But he was one of those flings...
One who fell for insecurities and unknown things.
He was one who knew how to give and take...
And knew how to leave when it was "us" at stake.

There went my heart on the dinner plate.
Only to protest when it was too late.
There's not much to do but to find a way to drain,
All you call sorrow, all you call pain.

He was what sicked me into being blind.
He was what pushed me to Edge Unkind.
He was what I found and will never find,
He was the one that I left behind.

I'll surrender and leave it to time.
He was not owned and was definitely not mine.
He was something I would've liked to lament and that's the truth.
Now...if only I could take back the words: "I love you."

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