October 17, 2008
By Brittanie Gragg, Witter, AR

Teens enjoying the cool, dark night. Ghouls and ghosts rampage through the streets with the one-eyed monsters and the no-headed mummies.

All through the the town you can hear the "Trick-or-Treat"s of the skeletons and devils trying to refresh their desire for the sticky,

sweet candy. Witches circle above and below, watching the little monsters bobbing for apples and busting pinatas,happily enjoying the sweet stuffing.

Doorbells ring with scary music and spooky laughter of the night. The sound of feet on the asphalt running away from everything scary.

But as we all know, escaping from the spooky wonders, and the scary monsters, and all that is creepy, is impossible on the night of the living dead...Halloween.

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