A Very "Earnest" Call To Arms

October 20, 2008
By Michelle Campbell, Hillsdale, NJ

When is a connection cut?
When do our ties slowly tear?
Strings between rusted cans
Unraveled cassette tapes.
What does it take for a life to change?
Can it be measured in time?
A broken hair ribbon lost among the wood chips
Sheets of butcher paper greased with temptation.

Your physics and calculations impede upon the conclusions.
(Ironically questions are the answers)
You think too much,
You believe too little.
Fear of failure,
Fear of females.
Your protests and hesitations
will only restrict the outcome.
When will our race see the perfection
Instead of the flaws?

Embrace them!
Embrace yourself!
As I brace myself,

For agony.

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