The Invisible

October 14, 2008
By Christina Holbrook, Mantua, OH

She's here,
You may not be able to see her;
But she is,
She stands beside you,
She's peaceful and caring,
She knows when things are wrong,
She's the one who.....
Covers you when you cold....
Hugs you when your lonely....
She's greater than a guardian angel,
But She's also very normal....

With a heart as big as yours,
As long as you believe in her...

She will stand beside you,
She will hear your cries;
See your smiles,
She may no be able to
Grant a wish,
Or make a troubles..Disappear,
But She will do what she can,
All she asks in return,

is to believe in her

The author's comments:
I wrote this in loving memory of my grandma. She was always there for me, through anything

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