October 14, 2008
By Sami-Jo Whitehead, Oak Grove, MO

I love being once upon a time
In my own world
Not a care on the horizon
Radiating life

I love being beyond confusion
Beyond hurt and disappointment
Having a euphoric sense
Of my wonderful world

I do not understand
War, hate
And the ever-growing need for power
Why can’t we all agree?

Breathing: the sweet basis of life
It brought Adam into this world
So we must breathe life into
The world in which we live

We are all here together
With one sun, one moon
One earth
So let’s just breathe

Inhale stars and exhale life
Create art in the form of words
Music, love, creation
Breathe LIFE

This world is all about speed, time
Walking in the right path
Follow in footsteps
Live someone else’s life

I believe we are put here
To leave a legacy
Leave an impression
Change the world

Time is ticking away
Go ahead-

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