The Hungry Fox and The Clever Hare

October 17, 2008
By Vivian Lee, South Plainfield, NJ

Strolling along the snow, a hungry fox in the cold air.
It could not find prey in the white blur yet she found a hare.
Unaware of its stalker with its swift paw and sharp eyes.
It chases the hare but escapes leaving the fox no prize.

Disappointed and annoyed it walks across the bare ground.
Dragging its tail by a bush it hears a rustling sound.
The very fast beating heart of this creature had a hunch.
That whatever made the noise in the bush will soon be lunch.

By the very bush, a breeze with scent of prey had been blown.
Looking carefully over the bush a surprise had shown.
There sat the very same cloud colored hare she went to go chase.
Sadly, the hare heard and ran from that wide open space.

With her bright sunset tail bristling she too made a quick dash.
Focusing on the small hare she hit her head with a crash!
Ther hare made a sharp turn and the fox hit into a tree.
Moveover, very large amounts of the snow had loosened free.

Covering from head to tail in cold snow as you can see.
The bunny is hopping up and down for it is in glee.
Using her forepaws she clawed out of the snow with a glare.
Furious and upset she growled with a menacing stare.

The small rabbit fliched from the evil look and went running.
The angry fox went after but here, who was more cunning?
The fox was gaining closer and closer to the poor thing.
In her thoughts she wondered what delicate taste it will bring.

Shining teeth, malicious claws, and strength that could not be beat.
Suddenly, the fox fell through the frozen ground at its feet.
Splash! The thin ice broke from her weight and the prey got away.
Wet but calm and warmed by the sun, she dozed off near the bay.

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