The Giants Game

October 17, 2008
Today is a very exciting day, my first Giants game. As i waited and waited I prayed it would not be lame. I packed the car with plenty of food and drinks to be prepared. I seemed cool and calm, but secretly I cared.
When we left the house, I could not hold in my excitement. Sitting in the car with food, it felt like special treatment. That was until we heard a noise and the car suddenyl stopped. It was horrible, until we found out the tire was chopped.
We quickly changed the tire and were on our way again. I then predicted the game trying to be a sportsman. CLose to Giants stadium I could see and feel excitement. This was way better than watching the game from my basement.
With the window down low, the air smelt of great victory. All of a sudden on my arm, i felt something slippery. The sky was dark with clouds, and it was softly pouring. With rain like this, there's no way for the game to be boring.
Oh no I thought, please don't let the game be canceled today. I've been waiting all day this can' happen to me, no way. We entered the stadium parking lot, I couldn't hold it in. Excitement like this felt like a sin.
Walking into the stadium, many people were there. Endless amounts of food for anyone, no need to share.
Every seat in the stadium was filled to the max. I wondered where the gift shop s to buy some cool nick nacks.
The players were on the field already to go play. Elui Manning wasn't playing his best today. He threw five interceptions, so the Eagles had the ball. The Giants soon lost, it wasn't so great after all.

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