A Voice

October 17, 2008
By Alexa DiSilvio, Congers, NY

A Voice

Slowly, calmly strolling down the narrow path,
The soothing sound of trees blowing wildly in the wind.
Flying leaves swiftly circled her like a tornado,
A strong gust of wind aggressively struck her face and tears filled her eyes.
Her hair whipped fiercely in all directions, like a rollercoaster,
The strong odor of a burning fireplace filled her nostrils.
The shadows of two hoods in the park caught her eye,
Using each other for warmth as they held each other.
A soft but deep voice caught her ear with a nervous feeling,
Curious to know whose voice had caught her attention with such dread.
Behind a tree she hid and waited for it to talk again,
The voice said her name with sarcasm; then she heard a satisfied giggle.
Her stomach dropped, her heart pounded, she broke out in a sweat,
Heavy tears poured down her cold red cheeks; not from the wind.
Her throat tightened as
She held in the sound of her whimpering pain.
It was him; the person she would have least expected.
The one guy she would have wished the least for it to be,
He lied; he swore she was the only one.
It was just a voice.

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