October 17, 2008
By Jessica Varon, River Vale, NJ

Fluorescent green, ocean blues, scarlet reds, sweet oranges flash by

Down the rabbit hole and back again
Down is up and up is down

Nothing is what it seems
Slow your breathing

Eyes glazed over in ecstasy
Limbs lay about the cool sheets

Sugar liquid drips out

Dripping onto the floor
Birds twitter their songs of teasing

More, more, more they cry

Forget the dull life you have

Go back to the velvet snow rabbit
His wolfish eyes beg for you to return

Tweaking his nose to appear cute

Hiding his venom-dripped fangs behind an innocent smile

Come back to me Alice he cries

Snickers and giggles are heard in the background

But she doesn’t hear it

The phone rings,
Breaking the lulling chants of the damned

She blinks

Her lips quiver

The voices start again
Fingers twitch

Alice smiles and stretches her hand out

Letting the smiling rabbit lead the way to wonderland

The cheshire cat is no longer grinning
Another lost, another forgotten, another easily pulled in

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