A Day With No Ride

October 17, 2008
At Great Adventure i was excited for great sunshine.
When i got there, to this park, I was expecting short lines.
I was hoping for Kingda Ka to have a short line today.
the line had to be very, very short becuase it was a Monday.

When i got the fine gates, i heard a lot of cheering.
it looked a lot like things that you can drive, almost like steering.
When you get off Kingda Ka you have to say what a ride.
After the people get off they ran tot the other side.

I got right in at the fine gates and ran to the wondeful thing.
While i was runninig to this thing, i felt a big sting.
the sting was killing and hurting and knew it was a bee.
but the bee didn`t stopme, went on my way and said flee.

I saw the big, amazing water fountain, looked very cool.
until i got a call from dad asking for a sharp tool.
I said I dont know, maybe in the tool invested shed.
he said ok what tool box, orange, yellow, maybe in the red.

After the tool talk, I got thirsty and needed a drink.
I saw a drink stand, got a sprite, gave the money and winked.
I was running to a friend and got sprite on her nice blouse.
I felt so sorry that she had to go back to her house.

I still felt sorry but i was still excited for it.
Now I was running to it unitl I stepped in spit.
I was looking for somethingto wipe and nice grass i found.
i wiped until it was off and then ran right around.

I was running now to the ride and stopped to tie my shoe.
When i was tying my shoe, I saw n ice old Cindy Lou.
So I said Hi to Cindy Lou, then turned very stoked.
After all this the wonderful thing, Kingda Ka, broke

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