Little Eric River

October 17, 2008
By Nick Kukuch, South Plainfield, NJ

Little Eric River was exited for his game.
But little Eric River's grades put him into shame.
If little River does not do his work.
Then little Eric Rivers feelings will be hurt.

When little Eric River went to school for the day.
All he wanted to do is skip his work and play.
He always teased the teachers and says "sike."
When he came home from school he had broke his bike.

Little Eric River had to fix his bike with a wrench.
Then rode to the game sitting on the bench.
Eric River sat the bench mostly because of his grades.
It is because Eric River is too budy playing Ace of Spades.

Ace of SPades is a game that involves cards.
He stays up all night instead of getting yards.
Little Eric River is the running back for the team.
Keeping his work up will make playing one game a dream.

Little Eric River now really wants to play.
He got all A's on his quizzes and test today.
Eric never acts up and is really being a good boy.
If he keeps this up he will make playing football a joy.

Little Eric River is getting mostly better grades.
He is doing all his homework and quit Ace of Spades.
He can do all his homework in a wink and a beam.
Now Eric has a better chance playing on the football team!

Now the football team has one game left in the season.
Little Eric River had bad grades so that's the reason.
Since his grades went up the coach said "your in to play!"
Little Eric River got hit so hard that he was taken out for the day.

The author's comments:
This piece was made in school as a assignment. I got a really good grade so i wanted to see if it can get published!

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