Cleansing Water

October 16, 2008
By Jessica Testa, Orlando, FL

Cleansing Water
The cold rushing waterfall falling gently on my face,
Feeling so refreshing that I don’t want to leave this place
It trickles onto me slowly now,
This water is different but I don’t know how,
It looks like the same old water to me,
But it seems to be cleansing me so how can that be?
Maybe I’m delirious and can’t see things straight,
Or maybe this cleansing process is part of my fate,
It could be that I am being baptized once more,
But what would a priest be doing that for,
When they baptized me I was a little kid,
Or at least I think they did.
I don’t know what is happening to me now,
But I guess at the end I will take a bow,
To show my gratitude for cleansing me,
I only wish that I could see,
What they are really doing to me.

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